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You’ve heard it over and over…Content is King. While pictures get most of the glory, your content conveys your most important message. So why is it the hardest part of your job as a business owner?  Marketing Depot provides Houston content marketing services to help get you to the top of the search results pages!

Maybe it has to do with the way that you are viewing “content marketing”. Content is what we do as business owners – we talk to our customers daily. What we say to them, how we use it to market our business – that’s content marketing. We call our clients to see how business is going – that’s content marketing. We ask for referrals from our existing clients – that’s content marketing. 

Whether Houston content marketing is successful for your business will depend on what your intention and strategy is. 

What is good Content Marketing?

  • Good content is the foundation to “doing good web”.
  • Good content must be on-target and convey the message in the right tone.
  • Good Houston content marketing is like a book that is engaging and pulls the audience deeper into the story. 

Good content must also employ good Internet and SEO strategies such as:

  • Mindfulness of the position of keywords
  • Proper use of each keyword
  • Maintaining relevancy with your other content

It’s the heart of your message, but it’s also how the search engines categorizes your website.

Content Marketing Benefits for SEO

One of the most common questions we are asked is “Can content marketing benefit my business?”. Absolutely – but what that looks like time wise is a different story. There are a variety of benefits for utilizing Houston content marketing as a strategy.

Brand Awareness:  This is every company’s ultimate goal and is often the longest game for content marketing. People aren’t going to just start talking about your company overnight but by creating a plan and being diligent about your content delivery, you will eventually build a following..and with that, brand awareness.

Site Traffic:  Traffic to your site is most often the obvious benefit of content marketing, as well as one of the most important. Conversion is key here. 

Improved SEO: Houston Content marketing to improve SEO can benefit you in so.many.ways. The biggest benefit – showing Google that you are a business who knows what they are doing. Once Google understands that, it should return to your site for more relevant queries, making you important and (hopefully) authoritative. 

Houston Content Marketing Strategy

So now you are ready to start content marketing – but where do you REALLY start? All of the information below is going to sound like content marketing 101 but it is the FIRST place to start.

Your Vision: Where do you want your company to be in the next 3-5 years? Work from your vision backwards to plan the content.

Your Audience:  Yes, we know “anyone and everyone” seems like the right answer here but it isn’t. Do you know the average age of your audience? Do you know  how the communicate? How they shop? Where they shop? Who their “referrals” come from?

Your Goals: Content marketing goals are real and should be quantitative. Remember to refer back to your content marketing vision and audience to ensure that your goals are in line. It might take you some time to get this one down, but keep at it! 

But what am I supposed to create content about?

Content ideation takes time and a lot of thought. It’s what will separate you from your competitors and (hopefully) get you to become the expert. But how do you create content? 

  1. Brainstorm: Yep, content marketing starts with brainstorming. What do you think would interest your clients? Do you get asked the same thing over and over by your clients? That’s usually a good indicator that its a highly searched for topic. 
  2. Competitive Research: What are your peers doing? What are your industry leaders doing? Do your research to see who your competition is and how frequently they are adding new content.
  3. Think Laterally: Listen, we get that you can only write so much about air conditioning units, plumbing fixtures or automotive services. But if we think about it laterally, we can talk about the history of the item, the weird things that other countries do with said items or even how these things have changed over the years. It doesn’t all have to be technical – feel free to get fun with it.

Do you need help with your Content Marketing?

We know that SEO isn’t easy – and we do it for a living! If you need help with content marketing, content strategy or even content ideation…contact us. We think we are pretty awesome and can help you get the jump on your competition! We are always here.

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