Let me get real for a second…SEO does not happen over night. Anyone who tells you that it does either doesn’t really do SEO or are using some black hat tactics that will bring you down as fast as you went up. We get calls from people who want us to implement a search engine optimization plan for them but have unreal expectations on delivery. Assuming you have done zero SEO in the past, it will take anywhere from 6-9 months to gain traction (on average). BUT WHY DOES SEO TAKE SO LONG? So.many.reasons.

  1. We want to understand your competition. We want to know the ins and outs of those competing in your space so that we can beat them.
  2. Faster is not better in Google’s mind. If you go from zero to hero in a day, Google notices. And they want to know why because it’s unnatural. If Google doesn’t like the reason, you could get banned.
  3. We are continuously following strategy. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither should your SEO plan. Staying the course will definitely pay off long term.

Want to know how your SEO company stacks up? Check your progress with our SEO Grader.

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