SEO takes time…you’ve probably heard it time and time again. It’s a comment that frustrated business owners hear but rarely get a satisfactory answer to. We hope to answer why search engine optimization takes time without boring you with the time-consuming process we deal with on a daily basis.

Understanding Your Competition Is Not That Easy

Our assumption is that you are offering a service that you are not the only provider of. That being said, your competition is probably already ranking well in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Trying to figure out what they are doing, how they are doing it and creating a plan to help you do all of that better can take time. While we are techies at heart we do our search engine optimization competitive analysis by utilizing industry tools to help it move a little faster…but not overnight.

Competing on the Same Playing Field as Your Competitor Is a Process

After our data gathering, analysis and plan creation we go to work. Good search engine optimization is an art form and lots goes into it. In order to level the playing field between your business and the competition that has had the gain on you is a process that can often get complex.

Google Does Not Like Fast Progress…for You

Google is a very smart company…with a very, very smart algorithm. You can understand how they could be leery of a company with a website that gains a ton of popularity overnight. There are companies who do specialize in what we call Black Hat Tactics but we are NOT one of them. These companies promise the moon, show fast results and you are left holding the bag when Google bans your website.

Instead, when you prove to Google that you are doing search engine optimization carefully, methodically and with purpose you begin the move into SERPs. So if your search engine optimization specialist is moving a little slow for you, rest easy. They are doing due diligence to make sure you aren’t penalized.

Good SEO Takes Some Smoothing

Search engines can rank sites overnight…in fact, the algorithm changes every minute. You may have felt some of these changes with Google’s updates as many profitable websites were brought to their knees. By allowing your SEO specialist to test, re-test, re-configure and do their job well there will be an ever-changing strategy. Because at the end of the day, only Google and the other search engines have control over what they serve up on SERPs and how you should rank. White Hat SEO companies (like us!) will help Google see the value in your website and get you ranked like you deserve.

Call 713-457-1460 for a free consultation and one of our search engine optimization specialists will get you headed in the right direction.

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