Google Local Services Is Changing The SERP

We have been bombarded with questions from clients who are wanting to jump on board with Google Local Services. And everyone wants to know the same thing – What REALLY is this Google Local Services?

Google Local Services is:

  1. A cost per lead generation tool. If you are in a few select categories (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Locksmith, Garage Door) you can participate. This is like AdWords for Home Services. The awesome news – you only pay for viable leads.
  2. PRIME Real Estate. It helps you rank at the TOP of Google. And I don’t mean in the maps section. It is replacing the space where AdWords used to live.
  3. NOT as simple as you think. Google Local Services has a whole vetting process before they let you in. They do background checks, the evaluate your business. And your Google Local Services card is tied to your map listing so be very careful.

We could go on and on about Google Local Services and are encouraging our clients to participate. Our fearless leader, Sherry, has even filmed a video giving you more details on Google Local Services. Interested in how we can help? Call or email us at

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