Instagram: All Caught Up

Listen, scrolling the ‘gram is one of our favorite pastimes but sometimes it feels never ending. Heck, some days I can’t even remember if I am reading old news or current news…it all seems to blend in together. Well, Instagram took notice. A couple of days ago, Instagram announced an “all caught up” feature that hides stories older than 2 days or posts that you’ve already seen.

The intent behind all of this? The #timewellspent movement. Former Facebook, Google and Mozilla executives believe that we all are spending too much time on social media. So they formed a group – the Center for Human Technology – and are rolling out apps and awareness of the dangers that too much social media consumption can cause. Google is even going as far as to create its new operating system (Android P) with built in features to apply to the time well spent initiative: Dashboard (showing you how much time you spend on specific apps), App Time (allowing you to set time limits for app usage), Do Not Disturb (removing app notification settings so you aren’t tempted to go back on social media) and Wind Down (easing you out of apps at bedtime).

What all this means for you as a business? Focus your efforts on engaging with your clients before reduction of screen time becomes real.

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