Reputation Management: Deal With Your Reviews

Reputation management for a home service company can be a complete NIGHTMARE. Everyone has opinion nowadays and are quick to voice them, especially through social media. But why is it so important? And as a business owner, how can you stay on top of it?

Why Reputation Management Is Important

Reviews matter. As a consumer, I am constantly reading reviews before purchasing. Even if that purchase is something as trivial as food. We want to know what people think, especially in our peer group. We want to know if they liked the product/service, how they were treated, if they would do it again. Reputation management helps consumers (like me) get a first impression of your business with no real skin in the game. And let’s be real, most people believe things they read on the internet…including what other people think about your business.

How Can I Have A Better Reputation Online?

We understand, a business can never be perfect. You are bound to make someone angry at some point in your business life. It’s crazy to believe otherwise! So tell your side of the story. We encounter a lot of businesses that don’t like to address the issue. But we explain that it is better to allow a (sane) customer to read the negative review, along with your feedback about what happened in your POV, and to come up with their own conclusion instead. At least they have the whole story and not just the angry customers’ words.

In order to better your online reputation management, all you have to do is answer your reviews. Good, Bad, Indifferent – answer them. Thank those who took the time to give you a good review. Tell your story on those who left a bad review. Those people who left you stars and no comment, a thumbs up emoji goes a long way.

Remember, people buy from people they trust 🙂

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