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$800 and a dream…

If you know anything about our President, Sherry Zarske, you know that she took (nearly) nothing and made it into a booming, successful internet and SEO company. But did you know it all started with $800 and a dream? Voyage Houston had a one on one interview with Sherry where she shared all the secrets

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SEO & Page 1 Ranking

Let me get real for a second…SEO does not happen over night. Anyone who tells you that it does either doesn’t really do SEO or are using some black hat tactics that will bring you down as fast as you went up. We get calls from people who want us to implement a search engine

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Shopping With Snapchat?

Snapchat could be making a move to partner with Amazon to allow its users to shop through the app. First reported by Techcrunch, Snapchat is experimenting with a new visual feature called Eagle. What this new feature does is pretty incredible, albeit they weren’t the first to do it (thanks Shazam!). You would be able

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Instagram: All Caught Up

Listen, scrolling the ‘gram is one of our favorite pastimes but sometimes it feels never ending. Heck, some days I can’t even remember if I am reading old news or current news…it all seems to blend in together. Well, Instagram took notice. A couple of days ago, Instagram announced an “all caught up” feature that

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YouTube Suite

Is YouTube’s New Video Experiments Going To Replace Focus Groups?

Google announced a release of its new YouTube suite of tools for advertisers late last month and with it, a very interesting concept, YouTube’s Video Experiments. YouTube’s Video Experiments is set up to allow brands and agencies a way to “test” their video ads in the YouTube space for no additional charge over and above

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